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Yoomit is really simple to use. It's been designed to use as few screens as possible and everything's at hand, at all times.

The overview and meeting details screens are all you need for your everyday use. You can add users and contacts in the meetings details screen itself, for you not to resort to the settings screens, to set up your profile, app's users, your contacts etc. - although you may.

Also, on your right-hand side, you have the actions which came out of the meetings, for you to complete. Overdue ones will appear with the date in red. Check them as done to strike them out and into the actions archive.

Meetings can be scheduled, open or closed. A meeting is open when it's already happened but the minutes are not yet closed. A closed meeting is a meeting with the minutes already closed and archived.

Meetings detail include date and time, title, goal, department, location, agenda and participants (both application's users and external contacts). In each agenda item users can collaborate using the comments tab, take personal notes, upload support documents, set actions and write the conclusions.

You can pick participants both from the users and contacts lists, and also add new users and contacts right from the meetings detail screen - you don't have to leave your meeting screen until it's all set!


A meeting isn't closed until its minutes are fully written and closed, actions included.

Although all participants who are users can collaborate on the meeting, the Minute Taker is the only participant that can write the minutes, to prevent errors and complete havoc.

When the conclusions are fully written down in each agenda item, the Owner of the meeting can close the meeting into its final stage: the professional-looking and perfectly organized minutes. Then it's possible to send out the minutes through email, in a PDF file, inside Yoomit, to all or some participants.


Yoomit debuts already connected to your Google Calendar! Just check the option in your application settings and your Yoomit meetings will be in your Google Calendar.

At this time there's only a couple of options: you choose either Yoomit sends to your Google Calendar each meeting only once, at the time they're set, or each time each meeting detail is changed (only date, time or title).

Check your profile from time to time to see future developments regarding this and other connectors - we'll be revamping it in the near future!


Plans and Pricing
  • One
    1 user
    100 MB storage
    No Collaboration
  • Basic
    5 users
    1 GB storage
    Paypal Only
  • Premium
    25 users
    5 GB storage
    Paypal and Wire Transfer
  • Corporate
    100 users
    25 GB storage
    Paypal and Wire Transfer
  • Large Enterprise?
    contact us
The free 30-day trial and the connector to Google Calendar are available on all accounts.
Quick FAQ

Yes, Yoomit was specifically designed with corporate use in mind. We wanted to deliver to all sort of organizations a specific application that allows them to organize and systematize their meetings, from planning to actions, keeping everything written down in professional-looking minutes.


Yes, Yoomit allows to organize meetings both with co-workers and clients, partners or others. With co-workers that are Yoomit users, collaboration if of high-standard, letting everyone participate on the meeting's planning, adding agenda items, uploading support documents and leaving comments.

Other participants just get notifications for scheduling, changing date or time and cancelling meetings. These alerts can be suppressed.


Yes! Yoomit has been designed with security in mind, implementing countermeasures such as authentication, access control, session management, input validation, error handling, logging and cryptography. Every action on the system is logged and all data received by each system is validated and audited.

We strive to keep up with security standards and directives by applying defense in depth, using a positive security model, failing securely, running with least privilege, detecting and acting on intrusions.


You are billed every 30 days for the service. We accept credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery) via PayPal. Wire transfers are possible in all but the One (free) and Basic plans.

Invoices are automatically stored on your account every time you are charged.

On some cases, legal taxes may apply.  


We provide unlimited support via email for our paying customers. We do our best to respond to every email within just a few hours of receiving it.


For the time being, Yoomit is available in English and Portuguese and supports all character sets so you can enter content in any language including Japanese and Chinese. A Spanish version is on the works.

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